The 5th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering(ICAICE 2024)
Prof. Yun Li



Prof. Yun Li

Shenzhen Institute for Advanced Study (SIAS), UESTC, China

IEEE Fellow

Speech Title: Grey-Box State-Space World Model Towards the Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence for Engineering


The explosive growth in data volume and computational power has enabled the successful application of artificial intelligence (AI) to engineering science ("AI for Engineering"), greatly enhancing industrial innovation in terms of exploration, imagination, and creativity.  This talk introduces, in conjunction with a generic large language model (LLM) based on the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and the Kolmogorov-Arnold Network (KAN), the next generation AI model based on a grey-box state-space “world model” that is explainable and is driven by both data and knowledge. It illustrates the elevation of "Computer-Aided Design" (CAD) in the third paradigm of science to "Computer-Automated Design" (CAutoD) in the fourth paradigm, so as to break through the intelligence limits of human engineers, whereby enlightening original creativity, enhancing design performance, and shortening development gearing.  Applications will cover engineering design, dynamic system modelling, and electronic design automation (EDA).


Professor Yun Li FIEEE taught at University of Glasgow for 28 years, where he was recognized as the second Top Author and served as the founding Director of University of Glasgow Singapore.  Since 2021, he has been Director of Industrial Artificial Intelligence Centre at Shenzhen Institute for Advanced Study, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.  Prof Li has supervised doctoral students on “AI for Engineering” since 1992.  He has published over 300 papers and books, and holds over 20 patents in China, Europe, United States and Japan.  He has been funded over 20 million pounds to led or co-led over 30 research projects in the UK, EU, Singapore, and China, and currently leads 2 major research projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China for the next-generation AI models and by the National Key R&D Program of China for the next-generation AI chips.